Thursday, July 7, 2011

Academy of American Poets Presents Robert Hass and Barbara Ras

Robert Hass reads "August Notebook: A Death"

Robert Hass reads "Consciousness"

Barbara Ras reads "Washing the Elephant"

Barbara Ras reads "Pigeons, A Love Poem"

Barbara Ras reads "Impossible Dance"

Barbara Ras reads "A Book Says Dream and I Do"

Colorado's Innovative Writers Past and Present — Matthew Cooperman, Dan Beachy-Quick

Matthew Cooperman reads "Further Aridity"

Dan Beachy-Quick reads for Colorado's Innovative Writers Panel

University at Buffalo Friends and Alumni Reading — Donald Revell, Jonathan Skinner

Donald Revell reads "My Name is Donald"

Donald Revell reads "Can't Stand It"

Donald Revell reads "For Lucie"

Donald Revell reads "Jesus Was My Girl Friend"

Donald Revell reads "Death"

Donald Revell reads "Long-Legged Bird"

Jonathan Skinner reads "Equally"

Jonathan skinner reads "Birds of the Holy Lands"

Beloit Poetry Journal 60th Anniversary Celebration — Susan Tichy, Janet Holmes and Karl Elder

Susan Tichy reads "Stork"

Susan Tichy reads "Come Back Each Summer to See How Far Your Favorite Rock Has Moved"

Janet Holmes reads "Partch Stations — Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14"

Karl Elder reads "The Chills"

Karl Elder reads "Conversion"

Karl Elder reads "Ode in the Key of O"

Jean Valentine, Poet

Jean Valentine reads "You Ask"

Jean Valentine reads "Poem for Reginald Shepherd"

Jean Valentine reads "On a Passenger Ferry"

Jean Valentine reads "Hawkins Stable"

Jean Valentine reads "Don't Silence Yourself, No Te Calles"

Jean Valentine reads "At a Hotel In Another Star"

Jean Valentine reads "1943, The Vision"

Jean Valentine reads "I Am Fane a Page in the Court of Space

University of Denver Alumni Reading — Joshua McKinney, Kristen Iversen, Marck Beggs, and Bruce Bond

Joshua McKinney reads "Without Blood"

Joshua McKinney reads "Animism"

Krsten Iversen reads and excerpt from Full Body Burden

Marck Beggs reads "Teaching and Violence — Ted and Henry"

Marck Beggs reads excerpts from "Snapshots from the Millennium"

Marck Beggs reads "A Brief History of My Heart"

Bruce Bond reads "Will"

Bruce Bond reads "Pill"

Bruce Bond reads "Robitussin"

Bruce Bond reads "Wake"

The Soundtrack of the Poem: Brandon Cesmat, Kristin Prevallet, Tim Kahl

Memory, Poetry and Music: Kristin Prevallet

Brandon Cesmat — Hymn of Enough

Ants Ants Revolution