Friday, March 19, 2010

FENCE 10th ANNIVERSARY READING—AWP Chicago [Feb. 14, 2009]

Rae Armantrout reads "Currency" "In Time" "Previews" "Hey" "Anchor" "Procedures and "Number"

Amy Catanzano reads "Chromatica" and "Notes on the Enclosure of Fields"

Thomas Devaney reads "They're Fighting in Atlantic City in Atlantic City"

Dawn Lundy Martin reads "Religion Song"

Duriel Harris reads "Short"

Brenda Hilman reads "Sediments of Santa Monica"

Brenda Hillman reads "Styrofoam Cup"

Brenda Hillman reads "Wind Treaties"

K. Silem Mohammad reads "Unobstructed" and "4 Sonnets"

Geoffrey O' Brien reads "Cascade"

Kristin Prevallet reads "Dream of Financial Ruin"

Prageeta Sharma reads "Deliverance"

Prageeta Sharma reads "Value"

Eleni Sikelianos reads "Essay: Who Thinking on Her Legs"

Eleni Sikelianos reads "Essay: History's Tree (Early Greece)"

Rodrigo Toscano reads "Clock, Deck and Movement"

Cathy Wagner reads "She May"

Cathy Wagner reads "Song"

Cathy Wagner reads "Well in the Chasm of Your Faith Opportunity Why Don't You Crampon Up"

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